Johnny Le
    01:03 AM Central Standard Time

    CougarCS API

    "Astro API" the project code name for CougarCS new backend modernization efforts. Our goal was to create a new robust, reliable, and modern REST API for the organization.

    This project is still a work in progress

    Learned 📚

    This project was my first work project at CougarCS. My previous projects before were all personal projects, this one was my first real work project.

    My biggest lesson was teamwork and communication. In my previous class projects I was the lead and did a large chunk of the work, this project was much different. Communication was a key cornerstone of this project. Quickly I learned that my problems were solved better and faster when I discussed it with my teammates.

    This project was not my first time with most of the stack, however, Prisma was new to myself. I found Prisma as a rewarding experience. The Prisma syntax wasn't the most friendly, but once learned the convience was incredible. Beyond Prisma I learned industry standard techniques for code especially for those production work.

    Technologies 📡


    Typescript JavaScript


    Express.js Prisma JWT