Johnny Le
    01:03 AM Central Standard Time

    Museum Backend

    Github repository

    The museum backend is the API in which the Museum database frontend utilizes.

    Using ExpressJS and is using the Restful API standard.

    The backend was created for a class project where we were tasked with creating a web application which acted as an interface for a database. This backend was used by the frontend to communicate securely and easily with the database.


    This was my first time creating a fully fledged api, so I had to completely learn authentication, request handling, database security, database management, and the entire system that revolved around restful apis.

    This was my first time creating an entire MySQL database from scratch. In the past I've only every used a partially completed one. MySQL and relational databases came with a lot that I had to learn, however, in the end I felt acomplished knowing that I understood a fundamental concept in applications.

    On top of learning it, I was team leader of my group. I worked on coordinating everyone together whilist working on my own tasks. I also taught my groupmates git, every part of the api, and the frontend.

    All in all it was a new experience to build an api, work on the frontend, coordinate integration, and manage a full stack development team. I was able to take the lessons learned from this project and advance all of my other projects.