Johnny Le
    01:03 AM Central Standard Time

    Museum Frontend

    Github repository

    The museum frontend is the user interface for our museum database web application that utilizes the Museum database backend.

    Built entirely with ReactJS and React-Bootstrap

    The frontend was created for a class project which combined with the database backend created and entire web application. The frontend acted as a user interface for any type of user interactions. The frontend helps creates an easy method for the user to interact with the database.


    Similar to the museum backend this was my first time using ReactJS in a large scale app. Thus I had to learn react routing, large scale component management, data/api fetching, authentication, and react/jsx syntax.

    The group that worked on the backend similarly worked on this as well. As team leader I had to coordinate both backend and frontend especially as the api and the frontend were being created concurrently. My groupmates having not used React before. I brushed up on React in advance and taught them the frontend as well as the backend.

    In the end I learned a lot about single page apps, web frameworks and team management whilist working on the frontend and backend. My skills were used to help me build this portfolio and other apps and manage teams on future projects.